A Response to “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid



I’ve started a new class blog in order to post our writing as a group.  Let’s see how it goes.

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From My Front Porch


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On The Bench


Parents model for their children positive or negative habits surrounding eating and exercise. For example, when families decide to go to the park over watching tv together, parents are showing their children that physical activity is important. Secondly, when parents purchase healthy foods instead of sodas and chips and share the reasons for making these decisions with their children, parents are saying that what a person puts into his or her body is crucial to overall health. Finally, when parents monitor their childrens’ eating habits and encourage them to participate in sports, they are not only giving their children a firm foundation to stand on with peers but they are also modeling good parenting skills for when their children become parents. Overall, parents play a vital role in their children’s ability to develop healthy eating and exercise habits, and they must pass on the knowledge and lifestyle choices to help them grow into healthy adults.

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Physical Touch and Gender



At what age do male friends have to stop touching each other according to what is acceptable in society?

Growing up in rural Georgia, one realizes at a young age what is expected of males and females.  Colors, toys, behavior… there are rules according to gender.  In the above picture, two ten year old boys are playing at a birthday party and one hugs the other.  What reaction do you have to this?  Does your gender play a role in your reaction?

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The Culture of the Dew

20130907-095759.jpgAre there certain groups of people who are more drawn to Mountain Dew?  It appears that Cortland is inundated with Mountain Dew drinkers.  Why do you think this is true?


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Homemade Backyard Pool

20130901-212711.jpgWhat family do you think lives here?  What clues can you take from the pictures?

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What Are We Willing To Sell?


Yesterday in Ithaca, my family encountered this gentleman at a red light near the mall.  He was shaking his sign furiously at our window as we were joking about a book my daughter was reading.  I wondered exactly how much I would have to pay to insult this man with no repercussion.  Would he listen to what I was saying?  My daughter dared me.  “Mama, say something really awful to him.”  I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Instead we rolled down our window, gave him a few dollars and took a picture of him.  I told him I was going to put it on my personal blog.  Later when I looked back at the picture, I realized that documenting this is probably degrading as well.  But, I immediately began to wonder about this man’s roots, where he came from, if he speaks English, if he is able to work here.  What I didn’t capture in this picture was that he was smoking a cigarette.  I guess he made no promises on the sign as to where the money was going.  If he takes the “verbal abuse,” he might feel he can spend it as he wishes.  What would you have done?

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